What You Need To Know About Growing Herbs

What You Need To Know About Growing Herbs

Herbs are one of the important ingredients for every meal. If you like to add different kinds of herbs in your cooking, it is a great idea to grow your own favorite herb in your garden. More than giving  you the endless stock of the herbs, you will also save more money since you don’t need to buy them anymore.

As a bonus, the herbs can be a beautiful decoration for your garden or your kitchen window! Although planting herbs seems easy and interesting, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it, you might fail to grow the herbs.

Choosing the Herbs to Plant

You are free to choose any kind of herbs you want to plant. But, you need to understand that some of them should be planted from seeds and some other need to be planted from the plant itself. You can choose to plant from the seeds when the plants don’t take a long time to grow. Then, you need to plant from the actual plant when it takes forever to grow.

Preparing the Container

There are different kinds of container that you can use in planting the herbs, such as clay pots, boxes, and plastic pots. Once again, you need to look for the needs of every herb you want to plant. Some require a moist soil to grow and some are fine with dry soil.

If the plant needs moist soil, you can go with clay ports since they will preserve the moisture of the soil. If the plant is doing well in a dry soil, then other containers are fine. But most importantly, you need to make sure that the container has drainage holes to allow the plants to breathe and have good drainage.

Adding Potting Mix

Herb plants need a rich soil to grow well. If you want the plants to survive in your garden or kitchen, you need to make sure that you use a good potting mix from organic matter. It will allow the plant to live in the moist soil well as well as provide good drainage.

Taking Care of the Plant

If you want to have healthy herbs, you need to take a good care of the plant itself. Start with regular watering but avoid overwatering. You also need to add more fertilizer to the plant, for at least once a month. Some herbs require regular pruning to encourage bushier leaves but you need to know the best time and the worst time to prune the leaves.

Choosing the Best Place to Grow the Herbs

Some herbs can survive well in a shady area, but some of them need a lot of sunlight to grow. You can place the plants near your kitchen window and make sure they are exposed to sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day or you can use the fluorescent bulb to replace the sunlight. For some kind of herbs, place them under direct sunlight in your garden. Once again, you need to know the needs of the herbs you plant.