Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs

Tips for Growing Your Own Herbs

It is true that you can take your cooking into the next level if you add some herbs into it. You can make pesto tastes much more delicious by adding some basil or just adding salads with some mint. You can now start to grow your own herbs at home. In general, it is very easy to do. Here are some tips when you want to grow your own herbs in your house.

Understand What You Need

The first thing that you need to figure out is to find out what you truly want. You need to decide what herbs that you want to grow in your house. Of course, it has to deal with what herbs you usually add to your cooking.

For example, if you are in live with Mexican dishes, then you can consider planting some cilantro. Or, if you love Italian dishes, you may need to plant some oregano and basil.

After you know what herbs that you want to plant in your house, the next step is to find the seeds from the market. If you want to get the results soon enough, then you can just buy some small established herb plants from your local nursery.

However, seeds can be much cheaper but it requires more efforts and knowledge. If you are new to gardening, it is better to have the ready plants.

Find the Perfect Location

Next is to find where you will place your plants later on. You also need to consider how much sunlight that will be needed by your herb plants. Most experts in gardening are able to decide which plants will need more sun rather than other plants.

If you want to plant basil, you need to know that this plant will grow more successfully if you place them outdoors where lots of sunlight can light them directly. However, marjoram needs to stay indoors and in the shady location.

Prepare the Equipment

The next tip is to prepare the suitable equipment to start your project. If you want to plant your herbs in the pots instead of in the garden, you may need to prepare some media like jars, pots or anything else. Make sure to prepare the potting mix as well as some small rocks as the base of the planting.

Whether you want to start planting from the seeds or from the readily plants, you need to follow the proper steps. If you want to transfer the plants, you need to make sure that all roots are covered by the potting mix. If you use seeds, then it is better to follow the instructions on the label to get the best result.

Give the Proper Treatment

After your herb seeds or plants are ready in the planting media, it is time to water them. Make sure to add just a little amount of water since the container doesn’t have enough drainage.

You also need to make sure that your plants will be exposed to the sunlight for the whole afternoon. You can place your pots or jars near the windowsill. Don’t forget to label your pots to get the perfect herbs later on.