The Best Indoor Plants for Apartments with No Sun

The Best Indoor Plants for Apartments with No Sun

Living in an apartment often makes us live with limited sun exposure. This somehow becomes a barrier when we want to have indoor plants. Yet, you don’t need to worry! You are still able to do indoor gardening as long as you know what plants to grow. Here are some ideas for you:


Dracaena is a great choice whenever you want to grow a plant inside your apartment. Growing this plant is easy. What is even more, this plant has more than 50 species. You can absolutely choose the one you love the most. When growing Dracaena. Make sure that you do regular watering and occasional pruning as they are both very important for dracaena. One more thing, keep this plant away from direct sunlight and don’t do overwatering.

Maidenhair Fern

When it comes to growing fern, maidenhair is the variety that is so popular. This fern is absolutely a variety that you need to consider growing inside your apartment. The glossy and dark leafstalk of this plant resembles the hair of human and that looks definitely great. If you want to plant maiden fern, make sure that you water the plant frequently while making sure that you are not overwatering it. Also, keep this plant in indirect sun.


Another great plant to grow indoors is bromeliads. This plant also has lots of varieties. The good news is that most of the varieties of this plant can easily thrive in containers in shade. Bromeliad is indeed a tropical plant. However, you can grow this plant anywhere inside your home. You don’t need to worry about choosing a particular place for growing this plant. This plant can even easily grow in an area with luminescent light.

Parlor Palm

One of the most popular varieties of indoor palm is parlor palm. This plant is an excellent choice of houseplant that can suit any situation. This plant can even grow well in dim corners at which no other plants will grow. This plant requires moderate light and minimal care. In spring, parlor palm produces clusters of yellow flowers. However, the flowers do not appear in a condition with low lights.

There you go! You’ve got some choices of houseplant to grow in your apartment with limited sunlight. There is no more reason for not starting gardening indoors. Choose the plant you love the most, learn how to maintain the plant, and enjoy your gardening!