How to Grow Raspberries Indoors

How to Grow Raspberries Indoors

There is nothing as fresh as summer raspberry. This delicious and plump berry is always favored by gardeners. However, there is an issue – raspberries tend to spread that makes gardeners want to plant them in a large container. Those gardeners may not know that they can even plant raspberries indoors. Do you too want to know? Here it is:

Plant Raspberries in the Spring

To get the best harvest, it is recommended to plant raspberries in a container in spring. Occupy various compact varieties like Heritage, Malling Jewel or Raspberry Shortcake so that you can make your containers ready to provide you with some berries in summertime. If you wish to have berries in fall, you may need to try planting the variety named Autumn Bliss.

In planting raspberries indoors, choosing soilless potting mix along with timed-release fertilizer will be the best idea. Yet, before adding the soil into a container, make sure you put around 2 inch of gravel at the bottom of the container. Make sure you always keep the raspberries plant in a location with the best sunlight in your house.

Get the Best Container

Another important thing to remember in growing raspberries indoors is choosing the right container. The kind of container that you should use is the one with 24 – 36” width and depth. Also, the container should come with some drainage holes at the bottom.

You also need to insert some bamboo canes to support the canes of the raspberries. Loosely tie the canes to support the raspberries and keep those canes that way as they’re growing.

Give Your Raspberries the Right Care

Regularly water the potted raspberries. Make sure that you always keep the soil moist without making it wet. You may harvest a few raspberries in the first year although it usually requires one until two years to give you a good crop.

You will also need to pollinate the raspberries’ blossom by your hand when the raspberries open with a small and soft paintbrush. If you are not sure about how to pollinate your raspberries, you may go to YouTube to find tutorial videos on pollinating various kinds of plants by hand.

Who said that raspberries can only be grown outside? It can also be grown inside by considering the important things above. So, prepare all the equipment and the right place inside your home and start your raspberries indoor gardening soon!