How to Grow Lemons Indoors

How to Grow Lemons Indoors

Lemon trees are actually able to grow in containers. It allows you to have citrus supply even during the winter. However being indoors, it will be wise to choose several varieties that are actually height wise for your indoor. If you really want to have a glimpse of the Versailles garden look inside your house, you should consider the following steps.

  1. Shop the Trees

It is always recommended to buy dwarf trees that are two or three years old already. They will give you fast harvesting. Several varieties are actually very tolerant toward indoor situation. You can consult to your store shop assistant. You can also read the label on each tree to find out each variety treats and natural characters. It is important to buy from reputable nursery for really healthy trees.

  1. Start Potting

You can use plastic, ceramic, or clay pot for the trees. The size should be larger than a root ball. In addition to it, you need holes at the bottom for drainage. Use well drained soil to fill the pots and it needs to be around 6 to 7 pH. If you can find it, there are several options of specially mixed for lemon or citrus tree soil to consider. Last, please add stones at the drainage dish for natural circulation.

  1. Provide the Right Place

As usual, south facing windows will be the best location. However, lemon tree requires 8 to 12 hours access to direct sunlight. It means you may consider using grow light to provide enough light for the trees to grow. The ideal temperature for the tree is 65 degrees but it should work just as awesome between 55 to 85 degrees. Please consider maintaining temperature especially during season changing to avoid health issues.

  1. Give Care

Regular watering is the key to successful grow because the tree basically likes moist air and soil every time. It is also helpful to add moss or pebbles as decorative mulch. It helps in keeping the moisture and reducing the evaporation. Fertilizing the tree will be helpful as well and you need to do it regularly along the spring to summer. Once every three weeks is enough and ideal for the trees.

It isn’t pretty hard to grow lemon tree indoor. You may need to pay close attention to moisture and humidity while you need to provide enough light to it as well. So, are you ready to grow now?