How to Grow Garlic Indoors

How to Grow Garlic Indoors

Are you an urban gardener? If yes, you may have been thinking about growing garlic indoors. Well, the good news is it is possible! Growing garlic indoors is easy although it requires a quite a lot patience. Here are the steps on how to grow garlic indoors:

Prepare the Equipment

To begin with, prepare everything you need for the planting. You will need a head of garlic (with or without sprout), a container such as flower pot or a coffee can, potting mix, and a can opener or a large nail or a hammer. Choose the opener based on the container you are using to plant the garlic.

Prepare the Garlic Container

If you choose to use a can or any container with no drainage, you will have to make some holes so that water inside the container can get out. Make some large holes using your can opener or a large nail or a hammer to punch the bottom said of the container. If you use a container from ceramic, you will need to drill the holes using a ceramic bit.

Cover the Container Holes

If the drainage holes are big, you need to cover the holes. The coverage will make the soil stay inside the container and make the water out. This will then prevent your plants from getting drown. The coverage can be done by installing plastic window screening like in the picture below. Cut the screening to make it fit the can’s bottom.

Get the Garlic Ready to Be Planted

Now, fill your container with the potting soil so that the surface of the container is more or less 2 inches lower than the rim. Before planting the garlic, you need to split it into some cloves by prying the garlic open. You may keep the garlic skin but you may need to brush off any dry papery stuff.

Plant Garlic Side Up

Next, ensure that the garlic glove’s pointy part is made facing up. Also, make sure that the garlic side at the head’s bottom is made facing down. Look at the following picture to see how it is done.

Plant the Garlic Indoors

Plant the cloves by putting the pointy side of the garlic up in the container and by poking the cloves around half way down to the soil. You may plant the cloves quite close to each other although you still need to make sure that they are not touching each other. After that, you need to fill your container with more soil until it covers a half inch of the garlic’s height.