How to Grow Blueberries in Pots

How to Grow Blueberries in Pots

If you wonder whether you can grow blueberries in a pot, you will absolutely get a yes answer! In fact, growing blueberries in a pot is more preferred in some areas than growing blueberries in the ground. Although the planting is easy, there are some important things you always need to remember. Check them out below:

Choose the Right Variety

To begin with, make sure you know which varieties of blueberries you should choose to plant. When selecting the varieties, it is important to choose the half-high or dwarf variety. The standard bushes of blueberry can go up to 6 feet in height, meaning that such blueberry variety is awfully tall to be planted in a pot. Therefore, go with the varieties like Northsky and Top Hat that can only grow as tall as 18 inches.

Learn the Maintenance

Next up, plant the blueberry bush in a container whose size is 2 gallons at minimum or even bigger! Make sure you don’t use any dark plastic containers because such containers can overheat the blueberries’ root.

Besides, ensure that you are not giving the plant lots of acid. The percentage will always be 50/50 mix between potting soil and the sphagnum peat moss. Such percentage should be enough to give the plant sufficient acidity.

The roots of blueberry are shallow and small. Therefore, the plant needs lots of moisture. However, the plant doesn’t like to be in water. Make sure that you are giving the plant frequent light watering only. You may also consider investing in drip irrigation system.

Overwinter the Blueberry Bushes in Containers

As growing a plant in a container makes it more vulnerable to winter, the roots should be separated from cold air by a thin wall. Therefore, you will need to subtract a number of the local hardiness zone when you consider buying any container to grow your blueberry. To overwinter your blueberry is easy. You can do it by burying the container of the blueberry in the ground when it comes to mid-autumn.

Water the Blueberry

Last but not least, water your blueberry regularly. You will need to dig your container back up when it comes to spring. Another alternative will be storing the container inside a building that’s unheated such as garage and a barn with watering the plant occasionally.

That’s all about growing blueberry in a pot. That may sound a bit overwhelming if you just started growing such plant. Take your time and make sure you pay attention to some important notes above. Happy gardening!