How to Dry Your Herbs Properly

How to Dry Your Herbs Properly

You have no idea to dry herbs properly? You’re at the right place then! Knowing the right steps and techniques of drying herbs is essential as we always want to enjoy the delicious taste of our fresh herbs every day. Unfortunately, some of us may end up ruining their herbs when they are trying to dry them. Prevent yourself from doing the same mistake by checking the information below:

Cutting the Herbs in the Mid-Morning

When the time to harvest your herbs come, make sure you cut them in the mid –morning or about 10 am. That time is the ideal time to harvest your herbs before the herbs’ freshly developed oil is burned off by sun.

In harvesting the herbs, only cut the healthy plants, remove any dried, sickly, and wilty leaves. Once you collect all the harvest, rinse them and then pat dry the herbs carefully. Be careful enough in patting the herbs so that you won’t disturb the leaves.

Air-Drying the Herbs

The next step is air drying the herbs you have harvested. Air drying works perfectly for herbs that are low in moisture such as oregano, marjoram, dill, and rosemary. To air dry your herbs, gather them in small bunches, then tie them using a twist tie, or wire, or string, and then wrap every bundle with a muslin cloth or paper bag.

Make sure you provide enough ventilation and also hand the herbs indoors so that you don’t expose your herbs with direct sunlight.

Using an Oven

The use of an oven can be a great and convenient idea. However, it can also be tricky especially when it comes to keep the oven’s temperature low enough so that the oven won’t cook the herbs. Herbs like chives, basil, and also mint have more moisture and they are best to be dried in an over or dehydrator. I

f you want to use an oven, ensure that you place your herbs on wire racks that are placed over a sheet of cookie. Then set the oven to 1800, and then turn the oven off. Put the herbs in the warm and off oven and close the oven until the herbs are cooled completely.

Using Food Dehydrators

If you’re lucky enough to get an access to any food dehydrator, make most of it to dry your herbs more quickly and to preserve the minerals and the vitamins of the herbs.

Every food dehydrator has their own operational instructions. Therefore, make sure that you always pay attention to the directions before start using it to dry your herbs.

Avoid Microwave whenever Possible

Although you have unoccupied microwave in your home, don’t use it as the machine to dry your herbs. This is surely not a recommended and reliable method to use. Microwave even does more harm than good.

Besides, microwave is also not energy-efficient. It does not preserve nutrition or color of the herbs therefore it is completely not recommended.

Drying herbs that you’ve harvested isn’t difficult although you need to master the basic techniques along with all the do’s and don’ts. Once you master the technique, it will be very easy to have fresh dried herbs whenever you need it.