How to Build a Herb Spiral

How to Build a Herb Spiral

Herb spirals are very beneficial for those who want to grow various herbs but have limited space in the garden. It is actually more or less the same with a vertical garden which you use to maximize the limited space and it will give you the easy access to the herbs.

Basically, you can grow any kind of herbs by making a spiral garden and there will be sufficient space for every herb. You can still have herbs even in the cold area since herb spirals make the ground warmer for the herbs. As a bonus, making an herb spiral can be a beautiful decoration for your garden!

What You Need:

  • Herbs
  • Mulch
  • Rocks or bricks
  • Soil
  • Compost


Steps 1.

You need to prepare the ground you want to build the herb spiral in. Remove the weed off the ground and lay some cardboards to suppress the weeds. You can wet the cardboards first to make them break down faster, or you can leave them as it is.

Steps 2.

Start making the outer wall of the herb spiral by placing the rocks or bricks. Add the soil in the center part of the wall.

Steps 3.

Make the spiral by using more rocks and you can customize the space of the inner spiral.

Steps 4.

Add the mulch on top of the soil where you want to plant the herbs. Also, add a good quality compost to make the plant healthier. Or, you can add sandier soil if you want to grow a certain kind of herbs.

Steps 5.

After you have finished, you can add more rocks to make the wall studier.

Steps 6.

Plant the herbs according to their needs. Some herbs need to be planted in the drier soil near the top part of the herb spiral. And some of them need a shadier place to grow, you can plant them in the southern part of the herb spiral.

Steps 7.

Add more soil to until it is the same level as the rocks.


  • Make sure you add the rich soil to the herbs to make them grow well. Not only for the soil, but you also need to give regular fertilizer to protect the herbs from pests and make them healthier.
  • The most important thing that you need to pay attention to is that not all herbs can go well with each other. Some herbs grow taller and will disturb the amount of sunlight of the neighboring herbs. Consider the sun, the need for water, and the shade before planting the herbs.
  • Before you lay the cardboard on the ground, make sure they don’t have tape and ink on them.
  • You can build the herb spiral on the concrete, but you need to make the drainage holes or good drainage to let the herbs breathe.
  • Consider building a pond near the herb spiral to make the herbs free from pests. It will also provide more moisture for the soil and it can help the herbs to grow well. You can also raise some fish there and it can be a great decoration for your garden!