Great Herb Garden Ideas for People with Limited Space

Great Herb Garden Ideas for People with Limited Space

Gardening is able to give us many benefits. While it creates a beautiful view to the surrounding area of our house, it is also a great supplier of herbs that we need in most of our cooking time. However, some gardeners seem to be frustrated to know that the available space for gardening is so limited. If you feel the same, what you need is simply the ideas of great herb garden for limited spaces below:

Hip Herb Garden

If you currently live in a small home but you could spot a slice of free vertical space, you are still able to make great herb garden. You could build your own hip herb garden. The tall and lean structural herb planter can do the job.

All you need are wood in size of 4 ft. x 6 inches, painters tape in 3 different widths, paint, screws, 5 mason jars, galvanized metal tape, and 5 different kinds of fresh herbs. The materials are surely able to be adjusted depending on your preference and style.

Pretty Herb Labels

If you still have another slice of empty indoor space, you could make this pretty herb labels. This pretty herb labels can suit your urban windowsills best. Isn’t a good idea for always having ready and fresh stock of mint for your iced tea or lemonade and basil for you pesto? Planting your herbs such way may be great before the herbs grow too big.

This way of gardening herbs is also nice to introduce kinds of different herbs to your kids. Don’t forget to label the pots based on the kind of herbs you are planting inside it. To make even more beautiful garden with this pretty herb labels, try mixing and matching the pot sizes, the stripes, and the sticker replacement.

Magnetic Tin Can Herb Planter

Look at how the herbs are planted in tin can in the picture below! Pretty! You can make your own for sure. What you need are a piece of wood painted that comes with magnetic primer, twine, empty tin cans with the label removed, tags, strong magnets, stamp (or simply pretty handwriting), soil, herbs seed, and mini flag (from ribbon and a skewer).

To make it, simply painting the wood with the magnetic primer, remove the labels of the tin cans, wash the cans, and let them dry. Then, stamps the tags and then attach them to the cans by knotting twine. After that, fill the tin can with soil and add the seeds or plants.

Stick the skewer’s end into the soil and add the flag over the top. Attach 2 magnets at the back of the can and arrange the cans in rows to get the desirable look. Make sure you get the strong magnets so that the tin cans will not fall down to the floor easily.

Limited space doesn’t mean limited stock of gardening ideas. Even with a slice of free vertical space, you can still build your herbs garden. Happy gardening!