DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

If you want to start growing something, you can try growing some herbs. As we all know, herbs are varied and very easy to grow. Furthermore, they are also not consuming lots of space. The problem when you grow herbs outdoors is when it is time for the summer turning into falls. What to do? Don’t worry! You can always plant herbs indoors.


You can grow herbs indoors if you are used to having herbs as your cooking ingredients. Here, you can use the mason jars. They are easy to find everywhere, cheap and also able to create such rustic décor style to your house. Before starting this project, there are some materials that you need to prepare:

  • Jar labels
  • Herb seeds or plants
  • Potting mix
  • Small gravels or rocks
  • Quart mason jars

Step 1.

The first step is to fill the bottom of the Mason jar with some gravels or rocks. Since the jar doesn’t have the drainage holes, you need to fill the bottom with rocks. Make sure to fill rocks with the depth up to 2 inches so that the roots of the herb plants will not damage due to the excessive water.

Step 2.

Then, you need to add the potting mix. This potting soil contains the mixture of some light organic materials such as perlite, compost and peat.

This potting mix will be definitely different from the potting soil since it is able to provide great moisture retention for the plants and it is also the best choice when coming to gardening. Make sure to fill the jar until the depth of the soil from the jar rim is about 2 inches.

Step 3.

Plant the herbs or the seeds. If you want to transplant the herbs you have outside to this Mason jar, you just need to do it by making some holes and insert the plants. Then, cover the holes with some potting mix.

Make sure to keep the plant roots exposed from the air for only little time and after the herb is being planted, give little water.

If you want to plant the seeds, you need to follow the instructions given by the seed providers. It is to ensure that you will get the best result. In general, you just need to sow the seeds on the top of the mixed soil and then cover the seeds with some potting mix and give little water.

Step 4.

After the herb plants or seeds are being planted on all jars, don’t forget to give each of the jar with the label. It is to help you identify the herbs when they are in sprout. If you don’t do this, there will be some problems when you try to name them later on.

Step 5.

You can place your herb jars anywhere you want. If you will use them later on in the kitchen, you can just sit them on the kitchen counters. It is also a very easy way to check their growth if you can monitor them every day.