Build a Tiered Herb Garden in Galvanized Tubs

Build a Tiered Herb Garden in Galvanized Tubs

Gardening can involve many kinds of herbs. Gardening can also be done in many styles. Have you ever tried tiered herb garden before? If you haven’t heard this gardening before, you are just at the right place! Here is the how-to article about building a tiered herb garden in galvanized tubs:

Prepare the Materials

The materials you will need are galvanized steel tubs – 3 pieces (1), each of which 18 gallon, 9 gallon, and 2.5 gallon; organic soil – two bags (2); drainage stone – 3 pounds (3), 42-pound Crabby Corgi  – optional (4), landscape fabric – 1 roll (5); garden shovel, garden rake, pruning and gloves shears (not in the picture); and a set of herb plants such as Mediterranean oregano, sweet basil, spearmint, flat parsley, and thyme.

Work with the Tubes

To begin with, rinse all the tubs using clean water. After that, drill some drainage holes at the bottom of the tubs and some in the side of the tubes. Once every tube is settled, you need to decide where the tiered garden of yours will reside before you fill those tubs. Make sure you place the tubs with the right herb at the right place. For instance, place the tub with basil in a place with 6 hours of sun per day.

Work with the Buckets

Next, fill your two larger buckets with stone or rock until the 2 inches of the bucket’s depth is filled. This is to make sure that the buckets have good drainage. After that, line those buckets with the landscape fabric to prevent any galvanized chemical from percolating the soil. Don’t forget to trim any excess landscape fabric to make it fit to the bucket’s edges. In trimming the fabric, make sure you use sharp scissors.

Once the process is done, you will need to fill those buckets with soil at around one inch below the tub’s rim. For the soil, you can try mixing Bumper Crop and Gardener’s Gold by taking a ratio of 2:1. Make sure you don’t pack the soil too tightly.

Stack the Tubs

Now is the time to stack the galvanized tubs. Make sure you stack the tubs in a ways that they can avoid the metal leaching. To stack the tubs, cut a piece of your landscape fabric and then put in underneath and hidden below the tub. After that, stack those tubs.

Now that you have done stacking the tubs, the next step will be the planting process. This is surely the fun part. First, you need to dig about one-inch hole for every planting and then blush the roots out to make them stronger in holding in the soil. Then place the plantings in every hole you’ve dug and surround the plantings using the soil to make the plantings steady.

Yup! There you have your first tiered herb garden. That is not too shabby, right? You may start seeing the growing in a few weeks. After the planting, simply make sure you maintain the herb regularly like watering the herbs and pruning them. That’s all. Happy gardening!