Beautiful Container Herb Gardens

Beautiful Container Herb Gardens

Growing herbs in a garden is not merely about adding calming scent. It is also for creating an additional beauty. The herbs planted in the garden can also be great for companion plantings because the strong scents of the herbs are pest deterrence that is natural and organic. Now, the question is, how do we make beautiful container herb gardens? What gardening ideas can be used?

Window Herb Garden

Are you tired of food waste? It may have driven you nuts paying money for a tiny bit of herbs and then tossing the rest of the herbs in the garbage as the herbs inevitably go bad. To solve this issue, why don’t you just grow your herbs in your DIY window herb garden? By doing so, you can have fresh herbs all around the year without costing you an arm and a leg.

All you need are tin cans, potting soil, spray paint (in the picture below is aqua color), small herb plants or you can use seed packets, and chalkboard labels to name the herbs on each can. Simply decorate the cans, put the soil and the herbs seeds. Finally, arrange them to create a beautiful herb garden. This project is both easy and cheap.

Chalk Painted Herb Planters

Look at the picture below! Are those containers great? These are terra cotta pots. Yet, if you don’t favor orange, you can give those pots new look. Like in the picture below, the pots are given a new look with chalk paint in light gray. The name of the paint color is Twig from the Vintage Market and Design.

Simply give the pots one coat of the light gray and then give another coat of white chalk. Let the paint dry overnight before you start planting in the pots. Then, add labels to the pots using a little stamp set that comes with black ink. Name the pots based on the herbs you are planting inside the pots. After that, simply fill every pot with the respective herbs. This project is easy and quick.

Wooden Planter

Another great idea of beautiful herb gardens is this wooden plater. This wooden plater can be a great idea for creating a bed to plant and grow your favorite plants, herbs, or vegetables, especially when you only have limited space.

This wooden planter can be adapted to suit any corner. It all depends on your needs. This wooden planter is made of timber that is pressure treated, making it possible and looks great to be stained with any colors and it will not rot.

If you want to make your own wooden planter, you will need pressure-treated timbers, gravel board, drill, saw, screwdriver, drill bit, tape measure, pencil, try square, and zinc-panted screws. The average time to build this wooden planter is about a weekend.

Garden should not be boring. Garden should be both calming (for the scent from the herbs) and good looking (for the beautiful containers of the herbs). Go ask yourselves what kind containers you love the most for your garden and start making it.