8 Hacks for Growing Fruit Trees Indoor Successfully

8 Hacks for Growing Fruit Trees Indoor Successfully

You read it right. We can actually grow plants indoor just as we grow veggies. It takes the same effort and space anyway. However, there are several valuable hacks that will even improve your fruit trees growth. If you are over achiever and you want something more than just good harvesting, go for the following hacks.

  1. Turn Over the Pots

While placing it near to south facing window is ideal, half turning your pot  every day will make sure all parts of the plants get enough light.

  1. Add Sponge to Your Filling

Tuck in a sponge on the bottom of your pot before filling it with soil and compost. It will absorbs the water and moisture the soil longer.

  1. Tea Watering

Watering your trees with brewed tea occasionally will make your harvests shine extraordinarily. Wet tea leaves are great alternative too. Every once a week is more than enough.

  1. Read the Newspaper to Your Trees

This is serious. The carbon dioxide you produce will feed the plants. Meanwhile, if you can read your newspaper near to your trees, it means they get enough light.

  1. Ice Cube for Watering

Place the ice cubes on top of the soil around the top but avoid the stem. As it melts, it waters the soil longer and it keeps the soil moist.

  1. Wipe the Leaves

Mix a half part of warm water and a half part of milk and dip a soft and clean cloth into it. Use the cloth to wipe your leaves. In alternative, you can use mayonnaise like wax for leather.

  1. Give Your Trees Some Fun Sodas

Your trees can take some benefit from the minerals in the soda water. Water your trees with soda water once a week, and you will love the ripes.

  1. Add Humidifier

Don’t miss the plants unless it’s a cutting. Instead, prepare a bowl of pebbles and water and place it near to your pots. It keeps the surrounding air humid and cool enough for the plants without too much effort to do it.

So there are several simple hacks that actually work pretty awesome to your fruit trees. It allows you to have healthier plants and more wonderful fruits to harvest. In addition to it, it doesn’t take more than you have right now and they are extremely affordable to do too. Which one do you want to try first?