5 Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make How to Avoid

Are you thinking of gardening herbs? Are you a beginner on this field but so eager to try? Well, you don’t need to worry! A beginner may fall in some mistakes in herb gardening but you can always lessen the opportunity to happen. Here is some guidance for you in herb gardening:

Growing from Seed

In your very first trials of growing fresh herbs, it is recommended for you to start gardening by growing from seedlings than from growing the herbs from seeds. Many gardening beginners go wrong in growing seeds, especially when they need to deal with the seedling transition and thinning the plants. Therefore, it will be way better if you start by skipping the complicated task and by going straight to the seedlings.

Starting with Wrong Varieties

Another recommendation for you and other gardening beginners is to try growing fresh basil. Although there are lots of herb varieties out there that you can buy and try to grow in your garden, it is recommended for you to grow fresh basil first. This variety suits beginner best.

First, this herb can grow quickly, letting you to observe the growing process more easily. Next, the leaves of basil can visibly wilt when they are not watered enough but they can recover well if you water the plant. This surely makes basil a great trainer for you to figure out the sufficient amount of water for your gardening.

Watering like Houseplants

Another common mistake new herb gardeners tend to do is watering the herbs like houseplants. Watering is indeed important to help the plants grow. However, you need to understand the right amount of water needed by your plant in every single day. You need to know the moderate amount of water so that don’t give your herbs excessive amount of water that can in turn kill them.

Missing Cutting the Plant

Again, fresh basil is a great variety of herb you can use to practice gardening skill. As how it is with all herbs, you may want to cut your herb just above the set of growing leaves. Yet, with basil, if you cut your basil that way, you may end up having the originally trimmed stem stop growing. You need to trim your basil aggressively. Otherwise, the basil can grow straight up and be too tall as well as top heavy.

Letting the Pants Get Too Randy

Last but not least, never ever let your plants to be too randy. If you can manage to prune regularly, this common mistake of beginner gardener may never be an issue. However, if you are currently growing a herb whose flowers are edible, make sure that you cut the herbs back before the plants start growing their flowers.

If you need the leaves, make sure you keep on cutting the little flower buds off whenever you see them. Cutting it will encourage the plant to focus more on growing the leaves.

Lots of gardening beginner out there may end up making the common mistakes in gardening above. You can skip doing the mistakes simply by reading those tips above and keep the information always in your head. Happy gardening!