5 Herbs Every Beginner Can Grow in Pots

5 Herbs Every Beginner Can Grow in Pots

Most of us always need herbs ready at our home. We may need it for natural medicine or for other purpose. That’s why, it is important to grow the herbs ourselves. Everybody can grow herbs, including the beginner ones. You don’t need a large garden to do so, you simply need pots. Here are the herbs that you can grow in pots:


Growing basil is actually easy, especially when you can manage to grow it in an environment with suitable temperature and light levels. Many gardeners favor basil as this herb has fragrant tasty leaves they can simply add raw to sandwiches and salads.

Basil is also a perfect addition to many other cooked dishes such as basil sauce and pasta with tomato. If you want to plant basil in a pot, make sure that the drainage is adequate from the pot base.


This herb is savory that can pair well with other herbs such as thyme and basil. Oregano is a perfect addition for dressings, dips, and for pizza. Growing this herb is easy.

You can even plant oregano in the ground or in pots; both can work well for you. If you want to plant oregano soon, you can go faster to the oregano harvest time by planting the seedlings of oregano instead of the seeds.


Growing and giving maintenance to parsley is simple. To plant this herb, plant the seeds indoors and start planting it in the beginning of spring. If you reside in an area with hot climate, it is suggested growing parsley after the summer ends or in autumn or winter.

In short, it is better to plant this herb in a cold climate just to make sure you will get the best planting result. Regardless of the weather, planting parsley is not difficult.


Dill may be one of your favorite herbs to grow as this herb is perfect to be an addition to your potato salad or to make your own pickles. What is so great about dill is that this herb favors any kinds of growing conditions.

Besides, this herb also likes to grow in a long growing season. As in other herb plants, it is recommended for you to plant this herb from the seedling not the seed so that you can harvest the herb sooner.


Mint is one of the favorite herbs to be grown indoors. Mint is a great choice of herbs to grow as it is one of the most used culinary herbs. Growing this herb is easy and it doesn’t need lots of efforts, making it a perfect choice for beginners.

Although it can be grown indoor, the plant may not be as vigorously as it is in outdoors. However, you will still be able to enjoy the freshly picked mint leaves year around, including in winters.

Those herbs above seem easy to grow, even in pots and by beginners. Again, to make the planting process easier and to get to the harvest time quicker, start planting those herbs from the seedlings instead of the seeds. Happy planting and enjoying your herbs!