15 Vegetables & Herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever

Vegetables & Herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever

If you are a frugal, the idea of buying veggies or herbs that you like just once and then you can grow them at home is brilliant. Check out the following options for ideas.


You can regrow lemons in your house. There is no need any more to buy lemons if you can plant them forever.


You can learn how to grow avocado tree by using its pit. What you need to prepare is just some toothpicks and also your patience.


You can grow the rosemary easily in your house. You just need to do the pruning and also the rooting cuttings.


You can also regrow mint forever in your house. Mint is known as a quick and fast growing plant so you won’t have to worry about your mint stock.


You just need to place the stump inside a bowl filled with one inch of water and place it near the windowsill. The result can be seen after two weeks where you find new leaves grow.


You can regrow the leeks. It is almost the same if you want to regrow the green onions. You just need to cut the plant one inch from its roots and then place it in the glass of water.

Sweet Potato

You can buy one sweet potato or two from the market. Then, you can grow them at your house.


You can grow some scallions by placing them near the windowsill. You can get the result after 5 days from the scraps to full scallion.


You can grow lemongrass easily. They are very good for drinks. Try to find the tutorial online.


You can regrow the ginger by using one piece of ginger. You will be able to regrow much more gingers forever.


You can regrow basil plants just from cuttings. You can start looking for the tutorial if you want to regrow them forever.


You can look for some ideas on how to grow the celery from its base online. This method is very easy and you will love growing more and more celery in your house.


You can grow carrots by using carrots. You just need to cut the carrot tops and place them in the water. You can use a dish as the media to plant the carrots. Make sure to place the dish near the windowsill so that the carrot tops can be struck by the sunlight directly. You can learn more from online tutorials.


You can grow garlic by placing them in the glass from its sprouted cloves. You just need to add little water to grow the sprouts. In general, you can grow lots of garlic cloves just from one clove. The garlic sprouts actually taste gentler than the garlic. You can add the sprouts to your salads, pasta, or any other dishes.

Green Onions

You can learn how to grow the green onions by using glass or other media online. They are considered to be the easiest plant to regrow. You just have to cut the green onions for about one inch from its roots and you just need to place them in the glass of water.